2014 March 01

Welcome to Vegan on the Run. A blend of all things active and of course—vegan. My name is Sarah Kathleen McCartan. I am a full-time writer, avid long-distance runner and vegan foodie. I am quite literally and figuratively, a Vegan on the Run. You can learn more about my vegan journey here.

Vegan on the Run was born out of the desire to bring my vegan, writing, running, health-focused, nutrition-minded and wanderlust-filled worlds together in a holistic fashion, under one roof. Following is a breakdown of what you can expect to find presented via this outlet.


At the heart of Vegan on the Run is food—food that is plant-based, and free of all animal products and byproducts. Although I grow giddy over letting my creative juices flow in the kitchen and executing inventive dishes bringing in unexpected flavor combinations, I am someone who values low hassle food without extensive preparation. My desire to keep things simple will be reflected in all recipes posted. In my humble opinion, time is money, and you should spend more time sitting and savoring each bite of your food, than you do preparing it. Along with priding myself on crafting budget-friendly food that looks and tastes so good you would swear up and down it’s not vegan, there is a method and level of practicality lurking behind my madness, plus nutritional considerations that come into play, all of which will be shared with each recipe.


As a runner, I will be sharing my own experiences as well as offering what are intended to be insightful tidbits related to the running experience, from a plant-fueled perspective. Since running is an integral piece of my life, and my lifestyle puzzle, you will find this overflows into all other aspects. Literal running aside, On the Run features other athletic-related endeavors, and documentations of out-of-area explorations ranging from day trips to multi-day “runcations.” (Yes, a runcation is a real thing). Naturally, at the backbone of any run, or veg-adventure is, yep, you guessed it—plant-based fuel.


For the intents and purposes of Vegan on the Run, locavore encompasses local food musings of all shapes, sorts, and sizes. For me, being a “locavore” vegan means supporting those local businesses that either are fully-focused on serving up plant-based cuisine or have expanded their menus to include such desirable options. Taking things a step beyond, nothing quite compares to food that is grown close to wherever it is you call home. I am fortunate enough to have established relationships with passionate foodies and restauranteurs in my hometown of Pensacola, Fla., who have teamed up with farmers to keep things truly local.


Lifestyle spans across all aspects of life, from a vegan viewpoint—health matters, sustainability practices, product discoveries, nutritional considerations, and practical applications to daily life routines. Lifestyle is less about what the ideal looks like, and more about how to craft whatever it is you do around the lifestyle you desire, rather than the other way around. 

Ultimately, the hope is for Vegan on the Run to not only offer an outlet for sharing my own explorations in the delicious flavors and healing powers of vegan food, but to encourage others that you can, in fact, live out a healthy, active, plant-based lifestyle, and do what you love. These things don’t have to battle against each other. In fact, they can even go hand in hand.


Thank you for joining me on this plant-powered journey! This is only the beginning. In the coming days, you can expect to see initial posts filled with some of my favorite vegan eats that will not only meet your hunger cravings, but quite possibly make you do a double take, and even swoon. And get ready to be pleased with how simple my concoctions are to execute. I am certainly an advocate for what I like to call “double wins.”

If you enjoy something you see on Vegan on the Run, please feel free to spread the word, and share with friends and family members. Also, be sure to like Vegan on the Run on Facebook for even more plant-based food, active fun, and herbivore inspiration.