2014 March 08

In my early 20s, during my five year stint of working for Starbucks, they launched the perfect oatmeal, or so it was labeled. It was here I began to see value in this wonder porridge—value I failed to see as a child, unless this value involved having a spoonful of oatmeal with an entire bowl of brown sugar. In between mixing it up for customers, I began to occasionally welcome oatmeal into my life (generous amounts of brown sugar and dried fruit included). Still, shamefully enough, I primarily remained someone who, on most days, swore by iced coffee as fuel of choice. I continued to miss the point. And in turn, I continued to miss out on the value of breakfast.

I’ve recently come to fully understand not only the value in oatmeal, but the value in breakfast, and the damage I was causing my body and mind by skipping out on what I now recognize as the most vital meal of the day. Just over two months into my newfound love for breakfast, I can already say that it has changed my life, or at least my outlook and energy level throughout the entire day at stake. And as for my breakfast of choice? That was an easy one. Yep, you guessed it—oatmeal! At the beginning of 2014 I made a pact to eat a bowl every morning to accompany my cup of coffee and glass of water. I am pleased to report that I have honored this pact 90 percent of mornings to date. In fact, oatmeal has become such a part of my daily ritual, if I don’t have a bowl of oats to start my day, things feel off. My morning oatmeal energizes me without sitting heavily and weighing me down. This oatmeal offers plenty of fiber, and keeps the blood readily flowing, and the heart pumping strong. Plus it aids in stabilizing blood sugar, and helps keep cholesterol levels in check, making it an all around morning win. Still, perhaps the best part about oatmeal (aside from the pleasure of eating it) is that making the perfect bowl is literally as easy as one, two, three, which is a bonus if you are like me, and are not naturally a morning person.

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