Lettuce Entertain You

May 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

As the summer heat and Florida humidity have been steadily on the rise as of late, I’ve been especially craving food that is what I consider to be stripped down, light and airy. Yesterday afternoon, I found myself dreaming of lettuce wraps. I have no clue what inspired this day dream of mine since it’s been quite awhile since I’ve munched on lettuce wraps, but it was pretty vivid. Minutes later I opened the fridge to figure out what I was going to eat after yoga, and lo and behold, our neighbor had given us a giant bag of green leaf lettuce. Clearly lettuce wraps were meant to be.

Lettuce wraps offer a great way to get some added roughage in your diet, and are an alternative to tortillas. While lettuce on its own may seem a bit boring or bland, I find wrapping food in lettuce to be nothing short of entertaining. Just like with tacos, you can literally wrap anything into a piece of lettuce.

For some lettuce wrapping inspiration, here is a quick look at how I rolled last night.



  • Baby carrots
  • White onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomato
  • Spring onions
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil*
  • Blackberry Ginger balsamic vinegar*

*Purchased locally in Pensacola, Fla. at The Bodacious Olive.


Although you can leave your ingredients totally raw if you choose, I opted for semi-cooked, mainly for the sake of softening up the carrots. I placed the carrots with the chopped white onion in a pan on the stovetop, adding in a small bit of water, some Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil, a fresh chopped garlic clove, and a generous dash of rosemary. After the carrots and onions had a couple of minutes to steam and soften up, the chopped mushrooms joined them in the pan. Once everything was looking and feeling tender, I poured in some Blackberry Ginger balsamic vinegar, and added in the chopped tomato and spring onions. All together, the ingredients were cooked no more than 10 minutes on medium heat.

Meanwhile, I gently rinsed the lettuce and carefully placed the pieces on my plate, so not to rip them to shreds. Then it was time to get wrapping and rolling, one by one. For the side of dipping sauce, I whipped up a scaled down version of the peanut sauce featured in my Thai-Infused Peanut Surprise dish.

Even though these wraps can be messy, they can be shared and even make for a fun, quirky dinner date, so long as mutual messiness is not only accepted, but understood and appreciated. I must say, I am so pleased with how satisfying these wraps were that I plan on cooking up a larger batch of the filling so I can wrap and roll anytime I get the urge throughout the rest of the week, or at least until I use up the rest of the lettuce.

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