Blazing (Through the Heat)

June 9, 2014 — 1 Comment

With the arrival of June has come getting back to some consistency within the running realm. I must say, the month of May was all over the place after taking a solid 10 days off of running immediately following the marathon. Then, just as I was getting back into some sort of swing, Hangout Fest and Memorial Day weekends happened back to back, and meanwhile the weather heated up tremendously.


If you are looking for something to make you feel even hotter when it’s already 90 degrees out, just go for a run on an asphalt track. 

Every year, if there’s one season I suffer from seasonal depression, it’s summer. For me, summer has always felt synonymous with lazy, dazed feelings, which has made getting back into a running rhythm and getting heat acclimated seem even more difficult. I realize it happens every year I’ve spent my summers at home in Florida, but this year it’s hit me much harder since I’ve kicked off the summer running leaps and bounds more than I have in previous years. In fact, I would venture to say that I haven’t trained consistently through the summer months since running track as a kid. And holy moly that was nearly two decades ago at this point.

At various points throughout the course of the past month, the heat has made me lethargic and downright frustrated. I’ve allowed it to take a toll on my mood, and even found myself daydreaming about bundling up in a scarf and leggings. Finally I slapped myself silly and have arrived at a point of acceptance. I realize this is only the beginning and I can’t just give in and let the heat beat me unless I want to be miserable the entire summer. Likewise, I have humbled myself and realize I will not be able to beat it either. There’s a phrase that goes, if you can’t beat them, join them, which is exactly how I can best describe my newfound relationship with the heat.


Kicking off with my 27th birthday, Monday, June 2, the rundown is as follows:

  • Monday: Solo birthday walk all around downtown St. Augustine
  • Tuesday: 1 hour of yoga (More specifically, driving home from St. Augustine just in time to instruct the class)
  • Wednesday: National Running Day 3 mile celebratory run with my mom (the woman who got me started running as a small child)
  • Thursday: 1 hour of yoga
  • Friday: 3.5 miles of road/trail running + 1 mile walk
  • Saturday: 3 miles of trails (with only two hard falls) in honor of National Trails Day
  • Sunday: Track workout!! 400 (x4) + 800 (x1) + 4 additional warm up/cool down laps
  • Monday (TODAY): 4 mile run + 1 mile walk with my friend Nicole, author of Hands Up blog

Along with developing what I’ll refer to as a summer running groove (opposed to a regimented training plan), I’ve been reflecting on considerations for enduring the summer heat while remaining active that I’ll be presenting in the coming days as I continue stepping up my activity levels. At the top of this list is the importance of proper fueling, day in and day out. In addition to drinking copious amounts of water, I’ve been sipping on some tasty concoctions to aid in not only remaining hydrated, but replacing electrolytes. Details with recipes to follow soon! For the moment, enjoy this teaser photo below. I’ll give you a hint to the secret ingredient for this one: think “vegan” minus a letter. Also, there’s plenty of citrus in this jar.


One response to Blazing (Through the Heat)

    Nicole McKenzie June 9, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks for the link love! We definitely need to run together more often!!

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