Fuel Your Better

During the early part of this year, when I first started marathon training, I found myself struggling with proper fueling. Although at that point in time I had just kicked off my perfect oatmeal morning ritual, I had yet to develop a consistent regime for fueling before, during, or after runs.

Sure, I was drinking a reasonable amount of water, but I wasn’t taking any extra measures to replace electrolytes. As things heated up and the marathon rapidly approached, I found myself ending my long runs covered in salt, and feeling dehydrated and spent. Once I reached that point, no amount of water could revive me. Like many, I knew I could and should be fueling better, but I wasn’t taking the necessary strides.

Recognizing I am someone who is prone to dehydration even when I’m not running in the Florida heat, I decided to try out the Vega Electrolyte Hydrator I spotted in Vega’s line of Sport Products. As someone who is typically not a fan of prefabricated mixes, I remained a bit wary, but I’d been a fan of this 100% plant-based company for quite some time, and their sport line of products seemed to be just what I was looking for.

I selected the lemon lime Hydrator to mix in with my water to drink post-runs. At first I was hesitant, but to my surprise, the flavor was more than bearable, it was delightfully tart and reinvigorating. For these reasons, I decided to take Vega to the blender. Since I had already been blending up smoothies to sip at lunchtime after long runs, I figured, why not craft a recovery smoothie utilizing Vega? That’s right, the mystery smoothie I featured in my previous post is a Vega-infused citrus sipper. This hydrating smoothie has quickly moved from being a sporadic post-run pick me up to a regular part of my daily fueling.



Combine ingredients and blend on high. Use frozen banana (and less ice) for a rich, creamy finish. Garnish with a slice of fresh lemon or lime. Drink this frothy sipper after a workout or whenever you are looking for a quenching burst of citrus. I must admit, this sipper makes a prime alternative to splurging on an afternoon iced coffee treat.


After my body’s immediate positive response to using the hydrator for rehydration and restoration purposes, I became more interested in making Vega part of my daily life, especially since the mission of their sport line of products—Fuel Your Better, aligns with my own efforts. Thanks to Vega, I am currently testing out the entirety of their sustain package to help boost my fueling journey. This package includes both energy bars and gels. So far the bars have surpassed the taste test and given me some extra fuel to charge ahead. Meanwhile, the gels are preparing to go with me on my runs as I slowly and surely step up my mileage this summer. More to come as I continue on my path to better fueling with the help of Vega!