Vega + Watermelon Chiller

July 9, 2014 — 1 Comment

I am not what you would call a melon person. Yes, I said it. I hesitate ordering fruit salad as a side item when dining out because I know there is a 90 percent chance that it will be packed with honeydew or cantaloupe that is void of all color and freshness. Maybe some soggy pineapple if I’m lucky. While I’ll never appreciate melons that have become void of all color and taste, I’m slowly but surely growing to develop a liking for fresh melons, starting with one I already enjoy in small doses—watermelon. Although as a kid my watermelon intake was limited to pool parties, I’ve since learned to enjoy watermelon in cocktails and smoothies.


A few weeks ago when I trekked to the market to stock up on local produce for grilling, I came home with a giant hunk of fresh local watermelon—the brightest and juiciest I’d ever seen. After cutting it haphazardly, I decided to freeze the pieces and have been blending them up smoothie style. Since watermelon is packed with water (hence the name), I figured what better use than blending it with my Vega Berry Electrolyte Hydrator for a post-run, double hydrating boost—one that tastes somewhat reminiscent of a dreamsicle or sherbet, minus the dairy (at least in this vegan’s mind).



Combine frozen watermelon pieces with orange juice and slowly increase blender speed from low to high. Once blended thoroughly, add banana and Vega Hydrator and blend on high until fully mixed. Not only is this particular smoothie one that is refreshing after a workout, it can be taken with you to the beach or any other outdoor function to enjoy sipping alongside your water.


Vega’s Sport Hydrator deserves a loud round of applause for keeping me motivated to stay hydrated this summer even on the days I’ve struggled. Over the past couple of weeks while traveling, I forgot to take some packs along for the ride. As a result, I have been feeling less energized and amped in its absence—something I won’t be letting happen again. It’s safe to say—Vega is certainly playing a key role in fueling my summer.

2353-FuelYourBetter-Motivation-800x800 (1)

One response to Vega + Watermelon Chiller


    Yum! I can’t wait to try this one out!

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