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July 31, 2014 — 2 Comments

I know I’ve sounded off quite frequently this summer about surviving the heat, but it’s certainly been a hot one. Thanks to Vega’s Fuel Your Better campaign, despite the heat, I’ve been able to improve my fueling regime this summer, and focus on asking myself a single question: “What’s holding you back from better?” Along with helping me answer this question and motivating me toward better fueling, the Fuel Your Better campaign has turned my liking of Vega products into a love. This summer, the focus of my Vega love has been on a three-part sustain package made up of Vega Sport products that hydrate and provide immediate energy.

Electrolyte Hydrator


I’ve been sipping on Vega Electrolyte Hydrator every single day this summer (running or not) and I don’t plan on stopping this practice. Not only have I welcomed my family on board drinking Hydrator with me, I’ve even been blending up Hydrator-infused smoothies to share.

Vega + Watermelon Chiller 


Vega-Infused Lemon Lime Citrus Sipper (featured on Finding Vegan)


Energy Bars

Along with my healthy Hydrator obsession, I’ve come to appreciate Vega energy bars.


Available in Apple Cherry and Chocolate Coconut Almond, Vega’s energy bars have made their way into my life on numerous occasions this summer, including: before yoga, between going for a run and either walking or riding my bike, while in the car driving across the state, at the beach, in the wilderness. Each bar packs plenty of protein and fiber as well as Omega-3s from SaviSeed oil to help balance out the carbs and sustain your energy. These bars are small enough to throw in your bag and take with you anywhere. While I enjoy both flavors, as a chocolate enthusaist, I can’t get enough of the Chocolate Coconut Almond. With each bite I feel guiltlessly guilty, meaning, it almost feels like a dessert and gives me my chocolate fix, but isn’t too rich and definitely doesn’t weigh me down.

Endurance Gels

In addition to the energy bars, I also have Vega endurance gels in my possession. I reached for a gel last week during one of my hottest runs yet, when I felt I couldn’t push any longer. For me, the number one selling point of these gels (aside from their plant-based makeup) is the fact that during my test run I didn’t choke (like I have in the past with a chew/chomp) and the gel didn’t immediately make me want to spit it back up, nor did it upset my stomach. Since I haven’t regularly trained with gels in hand (or in pocket) my body doesn’t automatically rely on them at any certain point of a distance run. That said, I look forward to keeping track of my improvement incorporating these gels into my longer runs this fall so I can carry some in my pocket during the St. Augustine Half Marathon to break out if needed.

Why Vega?

As someone with a marketing background who genuinely enjoys using words to tell the stories of others, I can spot marketing lingo a mile away and I am not easily sold on wonder products or gimmicks. I recognize and appreciate desirable aesthetics but firmly believe that a product must live up to the image it’s touting. That said, I am all about brand loyalty, and if I choose to team up with or otherwise support a company, you can rest assured it’s because I feel it’s a company that is not only creating value through its products, but crafting real relationships and sharing meaningful stories. For all of these reasons and then some, Vega makes falling in love with clean, plant-based nutrition easy.

Vega formulator Brendan Brazier set out with a goal in mind: “I formulated Vega using the highest quality, least processed, plant-based superfoods available. Armed with Vega, you will no longer need to compromise between whole food goodness and fast food convenience. To me, Vega is a way of life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

I for one am enjoying being armed with Vega. And I know I am far from being the only one.

The Vega team goes above and beyond the call of duty, highlighting the achievements of those who use and love their products. Earlier this summer, Vega shared this inspiring story featuring fellow plant-based marathon runner and blogger, The Athletarian.

While the Fuel Your Better campaign may be coming to a close, fueling is a lifelong journey, and my relationship with Vega and its products is just getting started.

To learn more about Vega, visit To find a retailer near you that carries Vega products, check out Vega’s store locator

2 responses to Clean, Plant-Based, Vega


    I love Vega products and have for several years. I’ve really only been consistent with the protein powder. I’ll have to try their electrolite hydrator.


      Hydrator is definitely a winner in my book — and warrants a try! When I go without, I notice a big difference in my level of energy, and my ability to recover from a run in the heat. I’ve also recently started using the Vega One Shake and am really enjoying it in the mornings!

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