The Two Day Rule

August 20, 2014 — 2 Comments

The premise of the two day rule is simple.

Don’t let something you love become absent from your life for more than two consecutive days. 

The idea for this rule came in the form of a realization. When I spend more than two days away from the things I love, I feel out of sorts. There’s a blanket of uneasiness that surrounds me. I grow resentful toward anything that’s separating me from the things that make me feel most “me.” And then I start resenting myself. Realizing I’m the only one who allows this pattern to occur, I established the two day rule as a way to keep the things I love from falling by the wayside.


Want to live a life you love? Make time for the things that make you feel alive. 

So, what things in my life am I giving a two day rule? Bet you can guess.

For starters—running and writing.

This means if I opt out of running two days in a row, I better be out there running my butt off on the third. Same goes for writing. And returning emails doesn’t count. Neither does any sort of writing that’s been assigned to me. My two day writing rule applies to writing original content for the blog or other outlets, plus “me” writing in my journal.

Excuses v. Exceptions 

The two day rule factors in some wiggle room for excuses, right?

Nope. No excuses allowed.

What do excuses tend to look like? Here are some examples of excuses I have caught myself using in the past.

Excuse: I have social plans / someone else is counting on me. 

Reality: Rearrange your day to accommodate plans if you so choose, but under no circumstances are you allowed to sit out doing whatever thing you’ve picked to apply your two day rule toward.

Excuse: I stayed up too late and now I’m exhausted.

Reality: Looks like it’s going to be a long day.

Excuse: I planned to do what I love today, but things just aren’t clicking.  

Reality: A rough running, writing or ______  session, is better than none.


I’m too tired. 

I’m too distracted.

I’m too frustrated.

Reality: Guess what? You’ll always be too something.

Of course, there are a few exceptions to every rule. In the two day rule’s case, sickness, injury, and maybe a dream job interview qualify as reasonable exceptions in my book, but that’s about it.

If you are saying to yourself, “I can’t possibly make the time to abide by the two day rule,” then make it a three, or even four day rule. The point isn’t for you to set parameters that are unmanageable. The point is to hold yourself accountable to do the things that make you feel most alive and not give yourself room to make excuses. It’s called tough love.

Is there something in your life that could use a two day rule?

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    Amazing! Thank you so much for posting this lovely bit of inspiration. 🙂

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