Six Months on the Run

Monday, September 1, marks six months since the launch of Vegan on the Run. With VOTR six months strong, I feel it’s only fitting to revisit some of the highlights from the past six months, beginning with my “On the Run” out of town adventures. Complete with each recap are photos that didn’t quite make the blog the first time around.

March // St. Augustine Spring Breakin’

Ah, my St. Augustine Spring Break trip. Just a few short weeks after launching Vegan on the Run, while in the heart of marathon training, I ventured over to the oldest city to take advantage of a change of scenery and reunite with a friend I had not seen in many moons (Andrew). Little did I know before departing for St. Augustine, this trip would mark the beginning of a relationship. Not only did it kick off countless return visits to St. Augustine, it set the stage for a move.

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Silver Comet Trailblazing

Just a week after Spring Break in St. Augustine, I took off for Atlanta to reunite with my running partner Martha and take on the Silver Comet Trail so we could do the longest run of our marathon training together. The result? We completed 22 miles instead of 20 (thank you confusing mile marker), I found myself severely dehydrated and nearly passed out, and we both ended up hobbling (separately in solitude) the last few miles. By the end of it, our faces were covered in salt, our legs were beyond relieved it was over, and our stomachs were ready to eat all the food.

Sure it might have been a taxing experience, but did I mention the scenery was breathtaking? My hope is to make it back up to the trail this fall when the weather is cooler and take it on again. This time a bit more leisurely.

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April // First Marathon Finishing

I still can’t quite believe I did it, but I did! The course was hot, hilly and one of the most difficult scenarios I could have picked for my first marathon, but I made it through to the finish in just under five hours. Clearly I wasn’t quite ready to pose with my mom for this photo, but my expression pretty well sums up my overwhelmed (in the good way) feelings. During these post-finish moments, I assured my mom I would definitely be doing another marathon, and I meant it. Spring 2015?

Just a week after the marathon, I scurried back over to St. Augustine to reunite with Andrew and was greeted with this congratulatory gift. Hands down the best race shirt ever. I’m a little mad at myself for not posting it before now considering it’s become a prized possession. Seriously, no other race shirt will ever top this.

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May // Hanging Out at Hangout Fest

Interviewing bands and gaining media access to Hangout Music Fest, located just over the state line in Gulf Shores, Alabama, has been a perk of my job the past couple of years. This year’s event made for another memorable weekend spent with several of my coworkers, soaking up the music and the scenery. During the heat of the day, we found ourselves by the pool. By nightfall, it was time to pull out the sweaters. Although not an athletic-centered event, I am pretty sure my legs were more sore after walking and dancing in the sand wearing sandals for four days straight than they were immediately following the marathon.

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June // Swimming Through the Springs

Four days. Three nights. One tiny house courtesy of Airbnb. Countless springs. Infinite turtles. One six-foot gator (too close for comfort). There’s something to be said for slowing down and giving yourself a time out and a time away from reality. In honor of Andrew’s birthday, that’s exactly what he and I did. We immersed ourselves in the Florida Wilderness. I must say I am eager to get back over to High Springs while the weather is still hot and jump in this crystal clear blue water once again.

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July // Baseball & Base Training

June and July were split between time spent in St. Augustine and Pensacola. In the midst of trekking back and forth across the state, I embarked upon a Fourth of July trip with Andrew’s family, featuring my first ever Atlanta Braves Game. Andrew snapped this paparazzi shot of me with my trusted water bottle, getting my stair workout on during the seventh inning stretch. (I swear I’m not mad, I just have RBF). Atlanta trip aside, during the month of July I launched a Base Training Plan and found myself in a fueling groove thanks to Vega.

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August // STA FLA Bound

It’s here. It’s here. It’s really happening! In less than 48 hours I’ll be driving to the other side of Florida, and St. Augustine will become my new home. This means the next chapter of VOTR will be happening alongside Andrew…

and Escher.

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