13.1 is a Magical Distance

September 15, 2014 — 1 Comment

You know those people who display 13.1 stickers proudly on their back windshield? Well, I’m one of them.

Since the moment I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon back in 2010, I’ve recognized 13.1 as a magical distance. However, after running the Nashville Country Music Marathon (my first 26.2) in April of this year, I have to admit, I appreciate the half marathon distance that much more.

What’s so magical about 13.1?

As much as I am beyond thankful I completed a full 26.2, and certainly look forward to doing another in the future, there’s so much to love about the half.

13. 1 miles is long enough, but not so long you are totally spent when you cross the finish line. It’s demanding of training, but not so demanding you have to put other areas of your life on hold. It’s challenging, but not so challenging it takes days to recover.

As a supporter of and advocate for half marathons, I decided it’s time for me to do another one. And so, Sunday, November 16, I’ll be running the St. Augustine Half Marathon, which will be my sixth half marathon to date.


If you are in the market for a destination 5K, 10K, or half marathon this fall, here are a few reasons to consider this event.


Since the race is just a matter of weeks out, and now that I’m getting more settled into my St. Augustine homestead, training starts now! That said, I’ve crafted a 13.1 Training Plan I’m eager to share with anyone who is interested in completing a half marathon this fall (or at any point in the future).



This plan acts as an outline for both novice and seasoned half marathoners and can be adapted as much as desired. Although not intended to pick up exactly where my 8 Week Base Training Plan leaves off, for those who have been following the base training plan (or another plan) and building up mileage, following this 13.1 Training Plan from the beginning shouldn’t be a problem.

You will notice the plan doesn’t require you to run more than 4-5 days a week, incorporates rest days and cross training days, has long runs scheduled on the same day every week, and never demands you reach (or exceed) 30 miles per week. Granted all of these details are intentional and based on what I’ve found to work for me, all variables can and should be adjusted to fit your individual needs, taking into account your weekly schedule and how much time you have between now and your race of choice.

Not so fast…

Before you lace up and hit the road this season, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need new shoes? My answer to this critical question was yes, and thanks to my mom, a new pair was delivered to me from home this weekend. Lesson learned: buy new shoes from your favorite local running store before you move.
  • Do I have any known injuries or health issues I need to address? Making sure you are healthy and aren’t suffering from chronic pain before you start training for any event is vital. Ignoring issues and pushing your body when something’s off only results in frustration and more pain, or so I’ve learned the hard way.
  • Am I willing to make the time to train? Granted a half marathon does not require the level of time commitment a full marathon does, it still demands you make the time, which may mean turning down social invites after work, or getting an earlier start to your days.
  • Do I have someone to train with? If not, am I willing to go solo? Training with someone is not mandatory; however, I have found accountability only makes you that much stronger.


Not quite ready to train for a half marathon, or simply not interestedl? Consider sticking with the 8 Week Base Training Plan instead.


This particular plan is designed for those seeking to build mileage, boost their efforts or simply maintain a running rhythm. I used the plan this summer to help me get in a groove. My mom has also been diligently following the plan, and will be joining me at the St. Augustine Family Weekend, to complete the 10K portion of the event (which will be her first 10K in a number of years)!


Need help adjusting either of these plans to fit your needs, or want to build your own plan from scratch but don’t know where to start?

A helping hand plus some added accountability can take you a long way. And I’m happy to help you meet your goals! 

Regardless of the distance you are working toward, I am available to offer you my personalized attention and assistance. Since fueling is a big part of the equation, I am eager to share my fueling insights too, in an effort to help you find the ideal combination for your own body.

Simply contact me via the form below to get started!

One response to 13.1 is a Magical Distance


    I love the half marathon distance! You can train and still have a life:)

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