Happy National Coffee Day

September 29, 2014 — 2 Comments

Happy National Coffee Day! How am I celebrating? By drinking coffee of course.

Considering I’m someone who isn’t quite coherent without having had a cup of coffee, as far as I’m concerned, every single day I wake up is coffee day.

As a writer, coffee helps me articulate my jumbled thoughts and get them out of my head, onto paper. As an athlete, coffee helps me get my body amped to take on the event at hand. In short, coffee is a vital part of this Vegan on the Run’s existence.

For this reason, not too long ago I decided it was only fitting to have my friend Beth, of Avenue Blue, make this custom mug for me to sip my coffee from.


In the spirit of National Coffee Day, I’ve decided to share a brief overview of my relationship with coffee, in the form of a short and sweet Q&A session with myself.

Q. Have you always been a coffee lover?

A. Not always. Not until Starbucks ruined me (in a good way). What I mean is, working at Starbucks Coffee Company has much to do with how I came to love coffee. Before I worked there, I was a frequent customer. At age 19, I moved to the other side of the bar. During my five years as a Starbucks barista, I was able to experience firsthand just how a simple luxury could become the highlight of someone’s day. Meanwhile, it became an integral part of my own. I sipped coffee beverages before work, during work, and when away from work.

Q. When are you most desperate for coffee?

A. Early Mornings. During my Starbucks days I would wake up around 4:45 a.m. whenever it was my turn to open the store. Honestly, I’m not sure how I did it. I wasn’t an early morning person then, and I’m not an early morning person now. Now, if I’m waking up before 6 a.m., it means it is a race day! Coffee helps me get my butt in gear for a race no matter how early it is. It helps level out my intestines (if you know what I mean), so that I am able to run light and free. And believe it or not, it even helps calm any race-day jitters I may have. This particular 5 a.m. hotel room mirror selfie was taken the morning of the 2013 New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.


I’m certainly not the only runner who swears by sipping on coffee prior to lacing up for a run. Here are “8 Reason’s to Sip on Coffee,” brought to you by Runner’s World.

Q. Where do you drink coffee most frequently?

A. At the Computer. There’s something to be said for being able to sip coffee while you’re writing away, or doing any other kind of work for that matter. I’ve found having coffee by my side boosts my creative energy. Although typically my work takes place at my computer (or scribbling on various pieces of paper), I find coffee to be a welcome guest at group meetings.

This photo was taken during my university marketing days a couple years back, clearly in the fall months based on the color of the Starbucks cup, my attire, and the length of my hair.


Back then I was still sitting on my yoga ball as my select desk chair. As of this summer, I’ve upgraded to full-time standing.

Q. What is your favorite environment in which to enjoy coffee?

A. Traveling. I don’t know about you, but nothing helps me get going for a trip quite like coffee. Not only does coffee help me stay focused on where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there, once I arrive at my destination, coffee shops become new destinations. This particular photo was taken during a coffee stop while exploring Brooklyn.


Q. What is your coffee beverage of choice?

A. Coffee on the rocks. Since I live in Florida, I never feel pressured to order hot coffee. I can enjoy it iced all year if I want to, and usually I do. Typically my days begin with coffee on the rocks, with a splash of almond, coconut, soy or other non-dairy milk, plus a dash of sweetness.


I’m happy to see that cold brew coffee has evolved into a fast-moving trend, helping spread appreciation for the art of iced coffee. Last fall I wrote a piece on this very subject, titled, “Buzzed and on the Rocks.”

Q. Do you make coffee at home or purchase it on the go?

A. A mix of both. While I am perfectly capable of making my own at home, and my French Press receives regular attention, purchasing coffee from a coffee shop is one luxury I always allot dollars for. I thoroughly enjoy walking to neighborhood cafés, finding specialty hole in the wall coffee shops I didn’t know existed, and of course, frequenting Starbucks because it will always feel like home to me. Taking time to go sit at a coffee shop with a friend is something I consider a treasured pastime, as well as another luxury I will always make time for.

Q. Why do you love coffee?

A. Is that a trick question? I love the process, the simplicity, the complexity, the creativity, the art, the origins, the community, the experience, the energy, and the countless benefits. Above all, I love the taste! I am of the opinion that the coffee you are drinking should taste delightful in its true form, so you don’t have to add anything to make it taste divine. This opinion also supports my stance that not all coffee is created equal.

Honestly, other than the whole dependence thing, when it comes to coffee, the only real drawback for me is keeping my coffee love in check so that I don’t end up facing unnecessary anxiety as a result of too much stimulation. For this reason, I limit my coffee consumption to the morning – early afternoon hours, stick to one or two cups a day and wash it down with plenty of water. I would never want coffee to become something that loses its appeal or its level of effectiveness.

Q. What about you? (Yes, you!)

If you feel like sharing your own coffee love by answering any (or all) of the questions above, please leave me a comment with your answers!

2 responses to Happy National Coffee Day


    Such a cute post!
    I didn’t love coffee until after college. My favorite drink is a soy misto and I usually drink one around 2pm as an afternoon treat:)

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