Backyard Beet Salad

October 20, 2014 — Leave a comment

Since I can’t seem to stop talking up autumn harvest, I figured it’s only fair that I dedicate a post to a root vegetable I’ve been slightly obsessed with lately—beets.

I wish I could say I’ve loved beets since day one, but it wasn’t until adulthood that I came to appreciate these bright, vibrant roots. 


Why do I love them now? Beyond the fact that I adore their rich taste and color, beets are incredibly good for you. As I noted in a guest post I contributed to Oiselle’s blog last Monday, “Fall Fuel Favorites for Plant-Based Runners,” beets are an athlete’s best friend. Beets get your blood pumping and energy flowing. Both the roots and the greens are packed full of health-boosting nutrients.

Thankfully Andrew loves beets as much as I do. Over the past few weeks we’ve been snagging giant beets from the produce stand every chance we get. I even packed some in the car with me Friday and brought them home to Pensacola so I could share the beet love with my family.

One perk of being home is getting to take over my mom’s kitchen again. Yesterday, I decided to whip us up my rendition of the beet salad Andrew made for me last week. Fun fact: He actually remade this beet salad yesterday too, back in St. Augustine. Clearly our minds and hearts are synced even when we’re geographically apart.



  • 2 fresh beets (peeled and chopped)
  • beet greens, spinach, arugula, mustard greens (+ any other greens of choice)
  • 1 Tbsp. Grapeseed Vegenaise
  • 1 Tbsp. stone ground mustard
  • 1-2 Tbsp. Balsamic vinegar*
  • ½ cup of Daiya shreds
  • ½ of an onion (chopped)
  • fresh cilantro

Note: These ingredients and measurements are merely suggestions. All you really must have to make a winning backyard beet salad are the beets. The rest is up to your creative imagination, and can change based on what greens you have available.

*I’ve been gravitating toward using Blackberry Ginger or Fig Balsamic, purchased from Bodacious Olive.


First, peel and chop your beets. This is the best part if you secretly love having colorful, messy hands like I do.


Second, decide which greens you will be including in your salad, and combine with chopped beets and remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl. I recommend using a bowl with a lid that snaps on so that all you have to do is shake it. After the ingredients are mixed, the backyard beet salad is ready to plate and serve in your backyard (or your nearest natural surroundings).


Although he didn’t get to taste any of this backyard beet salad, my buddy Sammy has been joining me for extended backyard sessions these past few days. Relaxing outdoors is our favorite place to be, whether we’re taking photos of beet salad, or simply enjoying the cooler fall air.


Confession: Sammy and I are actually out here in the backyard while I type this post on my laptop. He’s excited for me to finish up so I can throw his toys and he can run after them. Although he looks calm in this photo, he’s going nuts with anticipation right now. 


Beets aren’t only meant for salads. They’re great for juicing, blending, pickling, and even brightening up a stir fry. 

What’s your favorite way to enjoy beets?  

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