Archives For November 7, 2014

Since returning to my new home of St. Augustine two weeks ago, life has been moving swiftly. After battling some anxiety immediately following my drive back across the state (more than likely a delayed reaction to subconscious anxiety I struggled with while back home), I decided that taking a breather and resetting my brain was a must if I wanted to be able to carry forward with a clear mind and body at ease. And so, I’ve been making an effort to slow down my output and streamline my focus.

For me, slowing down has meant catching up on my work, taking a timeout on taking on anything new, and making a list of things that can wait (and letting them be). Most importantly, it’s meant shifting my creative and productive energies toward assisting Andrew in preparing for an art show.

Back in the spring, Andrew was given the opportunity to scale back his full-time work as a middle school art teacher to part-time. Teaching every other day has provided him with the renewed energy needed to pour his heart into the art he loves to create.

As a part of St. Augustine’s monthly art walk, Andrew’s paintings are on display for show and sell tonight in Nettles Fine Jewelry. In just a couple of hours I will be in a room filled with friends, acquaintances, family and strangers, sipping mulled wine and standing in awe of the artistic talent that brought these pieces to life.


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