Archives For November 21, 2014

A 5:30 a.m. wake up call.
Coffee in the dark.
Watching the sun slowly rise up to greet the day.
Nervous energy boxed up, ready to be released.
National Anthem blaring. Hands over hearts.
Feet inching closer and closer to the start line.
Bending down and checking your laces one last time.
The rush that envelops your entire body as you take off, step by step.

These are feelings each runner gets to know all over again, at every single start line.
These are feelings I will never grow tired of.


This time last week, I was “Revving up to Race in the Ancient City,” and eagerly awaiting my mom’s arrival in St. Augustine.

Though the St. Augustine Half Marathon Weekend has come and gone, it’s now time to relive the details and document them while they remain fresh. Recognizing it’s impossible to capture each and every moment, here’s my attempt at recapping this bright and beautiful, mother-daughter race weekend.

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