New Year, Renewed You

January 5, 2015 — 4 Comments


While running along the St. Augustine bayfront yesterday afternoon, I took some time to reflect upon the changing of seasons, and the beginning of another year. I must say, I have a bit of a problem with the whole “New Year, New You” mentality. Whenever I see this phrase [over]used as a headline, I can’t help but sigh. I have to ask, what does it even mean? While I appreciate the encouragement to be a better version of myself than last year, I think holding ourselves to a good, better and best ranking system urges us to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

Although I will continue to strive to make positive changes, learn from my experiences, invite healing into my life, and let go of mental roadblocks holding me back, I’m not sure I will ever be the best version of myself. And I’m not sure I want to be either. After I’m the best me, then what? Sounds like even more self-induced pressure. 

What’s this I hear about a clean slate? Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a new year wiping my slate clean and turning me into a totally different person. After all, my experiences have shaped me into the multidimensional person I am.

At the same time, I do believe we are constantly evolving beings who were born to grow and change. Naturally, the new year, just like any change of seasons, is a fitting time to start something new, reassess activities or practices you would like to see yourself do more or less of, and focus on renewal. For these reasons and in the spirit of the new year being a time of promoting fresh undertakings (something I can wholeheartedly get on board with), I prefer the mantra “New Year, Renewed You.”

Renewal Looks Like… 

Renewal comes in all shapes and sizes. Renewal can look like getting the rest you need, making a point to give your body the self love it deserves, carving out time for meditation to restore your spirit, or assessing where you’re at and setting positive, attainable goals for yourself.

As for me, on the surface, renewal looks like slowing down to welcome yoga and meditation back into my routine and remembering to take my vitamins.

Renewal looks like once again giving my legs the stretching, rolling and maintenance they deserve, so they can feel limber, rested and ready to carry me through spring training, races and beyond.

Renewal looks like making a valiant effort to take one project at a time instead of letting them all flood my brain at once.

Renewal looks like striving to better compartmentalize and balance the blessings that are on my plate each day, so I can make the most of them instead of feeling overwhelmed by them and viewing them as tasks or burdens.

Renewal looks like making good with myself.

Deeper down, my renewal comes in the form of reassurance that I’m starting this season where I need to be geographically. It also comes as the overwhelming realization that I long to live a life that fits in a tent.

At the core, renewal looks like constantly practicing reconciliation, day in and day out, while choosing love over fear.

Renewed Collaborations

With the start of 2015, I’m grateful for several collaborative partnership opportunities formed in 2014 that are continuing on.

Bird’s the Word: At my 2015 races, I’ll be rocking the Oiselle jersey as part of the Flock. There’s something both humbling and motivating about flying on the same team as women of all levels I admire for their skill, resilience and badass nature.

Rock & Roll: Several of the races I will be running in 2015 are part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, kicking off with the New Orleans Half Marathon happening in just three weeks. Coming on board as part of the 2015 Rock ‘n’ Blog team provides me the opportunity to share my Rock ‘n’ Roll training and race experiences. 

Fuel Your Better: And of course, fueling me along the way is Vega. Without sipping on Vega Hydrator during last year’s marathon training and all summer long, I would have never made it running through the Florida heat. And now, the Vega One All-In-One Nutritional Shake is an integral part of my mornings. Andrew is just as hooked on Vega One as I am. Consider the following picture of his arms shaking up some Chocolate Vega One with peanut butter and almond milk as proof.


Vega One Holiday Giveaway Winner

Speaking of Vega One, it is time to announce the Vega One Holiday Giveaway Winner!


Congrats Eddie! You are the VOTR Vega One Holiday Giveaway Winner! Chocolate Vega One and a shaker are coming your way soon.

To all of those who entered, as well as others who are interested in trying out the shake this year, trust me when I say this is a worthwhile purchase that your body will thank you for. And there’s a likely chance you will feel more renewed with every sip you take.

Walking Forward with Renewal 

As you continue on your way this week, this month, and this year, my hope is that you can identify what renewal looks like for you, and welcome it with open arms. And as you carry on, may you set a pace for yourself that you can keep up with—one that leaves you feeling invigorated rather than gasping for air. I consider this not just a January challenge for me, but an always challenge.

4 responses to New Year, Renewed You


    What a great perspective on a new year. I’m right there with you about the whole “new you” thing. I stopped making resolutions years ago. You don’t have to wait until January to make small changes and before you know it you’ve made a lifestyle change (hopefully) for the better!

    Happy 2015, Sarah! Good luck in Nola!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m running the Pensacola Beach Half this Saturday so stay tuned! 😉


      Thanks Nicole! I kinda thought resolutions would be a thing of the past by now. I’ve certainly set my fair share of them in the past and in most cases, found them to be counterproductive and even cause guilt. I’m totally with you on the lifestyle change mentality. 🙂

      I love the PBR! The weather looks cold, clear and in your favor this weekend (totally opposite of last year’s downpour). My mom’s planning on the 10K so I will be rooting for you both from across the state.


      P.S. Looks like I’ll be home doing DBL Bridge after all — running it with my mom!

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