2014 April

Since I ended up with quite a few shredded carrots and spring onions on hand following my Thai-Infused Peanut Surprise, it seemed fitting to put them to good use, and pull together something I’ve had a craving for lately—mock chicken salad.

But wait a second, how can it be chicken salad without the chicken? I thought you might ask.

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In case you missed it, yesterday was Earth Day—a designated time to reflect on the natural world we live in, and consider the steps we individually and collectively can take to preserve our surroundings, by practicing acts of protection, concern, and respect. For me personally, Earth Day is a time to reflect on the meaning of two things very close to my heart: 1) a plant-based lifestyle, and 2) connecting with the natural world on foot, be it by way of walking, running, hiking, or even chasing waterfalls.

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What do you cook when you are visiting someone afar and working out of a foreign kitchen that is less than stocked with any bare necessities, much less extra goodies, and you’ve volunteered to prepare a vegan dinner for a group of four that has quickly grown to be seven? I just so happened to be greeted with this welcomed scenario Monday night, in St. Augustine. The result appeared as follows.

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No dinner party is complete without a log of cream cheese with juicy jam on top. So why not make it vegan, and take the opportunity to blow a few minds while you’re at it? If you’re party-bound and looking to bring an appetizer along with you that is delightfully sweet and spicy, and takes virtually no time and effort to prepare, this cream “cheese” with a kick just might be the one for you.


  • 1 container of original Tofutti (or other vegan) cream “cheese”
  • 2 – 3 Tbsp. of jam (Raspberry recommended)
  • ½ – 1 tsp. prepared Horseradish


Mix jam with desired amount of horseradish. Pour atop cream “cheese” in your dish of choice. Serve with your favorite crackers.

This appetizer is recommended for an evening of wining and dining with friends, a potluck, or even a family reunion. It pairs well with any cracker, and no garnishing is necessary. Just be sure to have an extra container of cream “cheese” on hand because this one goes fast.

Nothing adds a touch of spring to a salad, like strawberries. Although I enjoy slicing up these reds and pairing them with spinach on a regular basis, I also enjoy changing things up and mixing them with one of my favorite foods—quinoa, which also happens to be a wonder seed of goodness.

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Last Saturday I headed up to Atlanta to reunite with my running partner Martha so that we could embark on the longest run of our marathon training together. Our terrain of choice for this endeavor was the Silver Comet Trail. This paved trail starts in Smyrna, Ga., just minutes away from downtown Atlanta, and spans 61.5 miles to the Georgia/Alabama state line. What once was an abandoned railroad line, is now heavily used as a gold mine for cyclists, walkers, runners, rollerbladers and more.

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