2015 December

The holidays are upon us. While it’s easy to rush around, wear yourself down, and forgo taking care of your body, this doesn’t have to be your mode of operations this time of year. Here are five simple practices to help you stay healthy and keep sane through what I’ll refer to as the holiday hustle. Because ain’t nobody got time to be down and out.

1. Eat Well

I’m a firm believer that staying healthy begins in the kitchen. Eating well is crucial to keeping strong and fueling your body with the elements it needs to prosper. In a post I wrote for Women’s Running Magazine, I noted seven plant-based foods I recommend getting your fill of this season: sweet potatoes, winter squash, quinoa, lentils, beets, greens, and citrus, plus some tips to help you spice up your meals with healthy extras.

Read Women’s Running Feature Here: “7 Plant-Based Foods That Boost Your Immune System”

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