2015 November

I’ve always wanted to embark upon a road trip to see parts of the U.S. I’ve never seen. This desire has grown stronger in the past handful of years, and there were a couple of times I almost made it happen, but didn’t… until last month.

A few weeks ago Andrew and I said yes to the opportunity to drive up the East Coast to be part of an intimate wedding gathering of a dear friend who lives in Brooklyn, explore uncharted terrain together, and share an extended uninterrupted time of connection within a drastically different environment. One abundant in crisp air and fiery fall foliage. One far away from the humidity and wear of Florida. One that we could only hope would reawaken inspiration within us, serve as a perspective check, and help us bring some skin back into our game (so to speak).

Some might think driving from Florida to NYC is crazy, but we both agreed it sounded like a brilliant idea and due to recent changes on my end, we had enough wiggle rooms in our October schedules to be able to follow through and make it happen. We’re boldly calling our October road trip the best trip we’ve ever taken.

From start to finish, it was a trip rich in experience. We spent far more time basking in being and observing than we did doing or documenting. Truly, I could write a novel about our journey and how significant it was, and remains, to our individual spirits and our shared story, but I’ll save that for another time, and perhaps even another outlet.

For now, here is my attempt at delivering something of value — a sampling of sights and tastes for the sharing. If you find yourself in the cities we visited, I highly recommend the experiences and eateries mentioned here.

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Baba Ghanoush [pronounced BahBuh Guh Noosh here in the South] is a rich, savory eggplant dip—one I am openly obsessed with. Yet I always assumed it was way too much trouble to make on my own. Shame on me for assuming.

Last week, I finally decided to give Baba Ghanoush a fair shot and craft my own easy rendition using this homegrown eggplant I was gifted.

Since using this little guy pictured for my first experiment, I’ve already picked up two more eggplants from local farmers and whipped up round two.

I can’t say my version tops authentic Middle Eastern or Mediterranean Baba Ghanoush, but I can say the result was nothing short of Baba-licious. Not only is this Baba dip creamy and pleasing to the tastebuds, it’s packed with fiber and B vitamins.

Here’s a quick look at how to make your own Baba Ghanoush following my easy bake and blend approach.

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