changing plans

Come Friday evening, I will officially be a St. Augustine resident.

The very same day I posted about my pending living arrangements falling through requiring some rerouting of plans, a text message alerted my phone with an offer of another place to live. In that moment, I felt the giant monkey on my back climb off and watched him run around the room, jumping for joy (figuratively speaking).

With that particular monkey set free, I was able to spend the remainder of my week and a half back in St. Augustine feeling a bit more at ease, and focus my attention more fully on my company and my surroundings. One particular surrounding I’ve found myself gravitating toward in the evening hours, is Vilano Beach. Just north of St. Augustine, this location has become a prized spot to watch the sun set.

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Plans always change.

Be it having to forgo a race you trained long and hard for due to logistics or an injury, or even just attempting to plan out what you are going to cook for dinner, with the great many variables that exist in day-to-day life, plans are always subject to change and most often they do. In fact, I would be willing to bet money that at some point in your life you had a sizable plan that shifted shape, or had to be rerouted several times before it came into fruition.

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