Training Plans

If you’re looking to build your base mileage, maintain a set number of miles each week, or build up to training for a longer distance race, this plan is for you! Follow the plan through the full 8 weeks of training, or pick and choose weeks based on your current mileage and training needs.

Half Marathon Training Plan

Ready to build up to running your first half marathon? Or are you a seasoned half marathoner in need of a more solidified plan to help you stay focused and achieve your Personal Best? Based on your current mileage and training needs, follow this plan all the way through the full 10 weeks of training or start midway.

Both training plans should be adapted to fit your own individual needs and lifestyle. These plans were created to print out and mark up!

New to running? Consult with your trusted healthcare professional before beginning any exercise regime that is a totally new experience for your body.