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Happy National Coffee Day

September 29, 2014 — 2 Comments

Happy National Coffee Day! How am I celebrating? By drinking coffee of course.

Considering I’m someone who isn’t quite coherent without having had a cup of coffee, as far as I’m concerned, every single day I wake up is coffee day.

As a writer, coffee helps me articulate my jumbled thoughts and get them out of my head, onto paper. As an athlete, coffee helps me get my body amped to take on the event at hand. In short, coffee is a vital part of this Vegan on the Run’s existence.

For this reason, not too long ago I decided it was only fitting to have my friend Beth, of Avenue Blue, make this custom mug for me to sip my coffee from.


In the spirit of National Coffee Day, I’ve decided to share a brief overview of my relationship with coffee, in the form of a short and sweet Q&A session with myself.

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