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Monday, September 1, marks six months since the launch of Vegan on the Run. With VOTR six months strong, I feel it’s only fitting to revisit some of the highlights from the past six months, beginning with my “On the Run” out of town adventures. Complete with each recap are photos that didn’t quite make the blog the first time around.

March // St. Augustine Spring Breakin’





Ah, my St. Augustine Spring Break trip. Just a few short weeks after launching Vegan on the Run, while in the heart of marathon training, I ventured over to the oldest city to take advantage of a change of scenery and reunite with a friend I had not seen in many moons (Andrew). Little did I know before departing for St. Augustine, this trip would mark the beginning of a relationship. Not only did it kick off countless return visits to St. Augustine, it set the stage for a move.

Read more about my St. Augustine Spring Break visit, here.

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The subject of disconnecting has been on my brain quite a lot lately. Perhaps it’s because this time last year, my coworkers and I were embarking on a disconnect challenge, one that required we each identify a technological vice we could commit to breaking away from for an entire month. I chose Instagram in an effort to get away from constant documentation and return to the idea of recapturing the moment. This year, the group is currently in the midst of a total blackout from all social media channels. Although I considered hopping on board, I realized that professionally, it wasn’t a wise call for me at the moment, and so I opted out. Even though I am not part of the official month long disconnect, I’ve been using this time period to focus on the idea of taking a step back from being over-connected to recapture the details that get regularly overlooked.

Retreating to the Woods

Naturally it seemed like a perfect time to retreat off the grid to stay in a cabin for a few days and spring hop down the Santa Fe River with my counterpart. And so, at the start of last week, we set out for a much needed retreat into the central Florida wilderness near Rum Island in Fort White, not too far from Gainesville. The days immediately before departure, I realized my brain was spinning too fast, and feeling like its wires were totally burnt out. This retreat couldn’t have come at a better time.


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