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Saucy ’Shrooms

March 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

Everyone loves sinking their teeth into firm, saucy bite-sized delicacies. While there are certainly meat substitutes that come eerily close to resembling an authentic “hot wing,” I’ve come to fancy mock-ups of the whole vegetable variety—mushrooms to be exact.

These especially saucy ’shrooms were born out of a post-run moment of desperation that went something like, “I need a quick, filling bite to eat, but I’m not sure what I have on hand and I’m definitely craving something nutty and spicy.” To my pleasant surprise, the mushrooms, peanut butter, marinara sauce and Sriracha I scrounged for, came together gracefully to inspire what has become a spicy, saucy staple. With a 15 minute combined prep and cook time, you can’t go wrong with this quick fix. And while this dish makes a hearty bite for one, it is also one that can easily be split between two.

Warning: If you happen to be making these for a date night, you will definitely want to use forks and have ample napkins present. Otherwise the sauciness will get entirely out of hand, all too quickly.



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Mardi Gras Mashup

March 2, 2014 — 2 Comments

Whether you are nursing a parade hangover, looking for something to leisurely sip during your Sunday fun day, or perhaps even something that can serve as the perfect recovery drink after logging some weekend miles on foot or bike, these purple and green Mardi Gras inspired smoothies will keep you going strong. If you are in the mood for a subtle burst of berries, Purple-ish ‘Drank’ is light enough to be sipped as a sidekick to your meal, yet nutritionally dense enough to stand alone, or act as a post-workout replenisher. On the other hand, if you are seeking a heavier, energizing boost, Green Powerhouse is packed with greens and peanut butter that will leave you feeling ready to get out there and catch more beads, and maybe even take on the world, or at least the work week ahead. Don’t worry, if you can’t decide between the two, you can always do a little bit of double-fisting. No judgement here.

Purple-ish ‘Drank’



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